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Welcome to the San Luis Obispo landscaper Blog provided by Dan’s Landscaping Company. Topics blogged about below include many landscaper tips and articles from our expert contractors, resources, specials, news and other updates from our team here at Dan’s Landscaping Company.

Improve Your Landscape and Improve Your Business

San Luis Obispo Commercial LandscapingSan Luis Obispo Commercial Landscaping

In real life, when you meet someone, you know how important a first impression is. However, what you may be missing is how important this is for your business. Unfortunately, if you’re not thinking about it you can rest assured that your competition probably is. You’re making some sort of impression each day, whether you…

4 Reasons to Install an Irrigation System in Your Lawn

Irrigation System San Luis Obispo

  Many San Luis Obispo homeowners are looking for ways to make their lawn care and landscaping more convenient. Irrigation systems are a great way to make your lawn maintenance less laborious and time-consuming. If installing an irrigation system isn’t appealing to you initially, consider the following benefits of sprinkler systems. Advantages of Installing a…

5 Low Water Plants to Incorporate in Your San Luis Obispo Landscaping Design

San Luis Obispo Landscaping Design

Here in San Luis Obispo, we are recovering from an intense drought. Throughout the drought, homeowners looked for ways to conserve water. Many homeowners chose to forego their lawn and landscaping maintenance to save water as the drought wore on. As a result, incorporating drought-resistant elements such as hardscaping and low water plants has become…

Landscaper Versus Gardener – What Is The Difference?

landscaper in San Luis Obispo

  One of the responsibilities that is associated with being a homeowner is taking care of your property. So does that mean hiring a San Luis Obispo landscaper or gardener? Anyone who does not work in this type of field could get easily confused by what it all means and what the similarities and differences…

Commercial Landscaping Experts Helping Beautify Your San Luis Obispo Business

Landscaping Company in San Luis Obispo

  In order for your business to be as profitable as possible, it is important for you to keep your commercial property looking its best. One of the most difficult portions on your property to maintain on your own is its landscaping. As such, you should hire a professional landscaping contractor to assist you with…

Avila Beach Lawn Maintenance Guidelines

Shell Beach Landscape, Avila Beach Lawn Maintenance, Atascadero Landscaping Company

A healthy residential or commercial landscape requires routine maintenance & care all year long. With proper attention, you can keep your lawn looking colorful and vibrant through every season. It is important to work with seasoned professionals when it comes to lawn care. Our Avila Beach Lawn Maintenance techs have over a decade of experience in landscaping &…

6 Creative Ideas for Your San Luis Obispo Residential Landscape

San Luis Obispo Residential Landscape

Let’s face it, nobody appreciates a boring a lawn no matter how clean it is. With an endless sea of possibilities, a little bit of effort, and an affordable investment, you could create something unique for your home and give increase its value. Plus your family, neighbors, and guests will love you for it. Need…

4 Tips for the Perfect Shell Beach Landscape

Shell Beach Landscape, Grover Beach Landscaping Company

Shell Beach Landscapes can be a challenge. It’s both an art and science. There’s an element of creativity that suits your style and taste and helps to distinguish your home or business from all others. But it’s also important to know which plants are favorable for your climate, when they’ll grow, and how to properly…

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