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Comprehensive San Luis Obispo Landscaping Services

Dan’s Landscaping Company provides a full line of San Luis Obispo Landscaping Services and products that are designed to meet your every landscaping need. We help you to create unique landscapes that will get your home and business noticed. We provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. We work hard until the job is done and done right the first time. Check out the difference that our San Luis Obispo landscapers make. Browse our website to discover our wide array of products and services.

Innovative Outside Hardscaping

Hardscaping provides the perfect complement to your entire landscape design. Successful hardscape design and installation complements an environment in such a way that generates cohesion and establishes a seamless look between the home or business and natural landscaping. Some of our hardscaping projects include Paver Patios which are simple to install, are available in a great selection of designs, and require little maintenance. We also install driveways & pathways that accent your existing landscape.

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Retaining & Seating Walls

Retaining walls are stone structures which are designed to contain landscape that uneven or sloping. In most the cases the landscape is sculptured to create a design and retaining walls are used as a decorative reinforcement to keep the landscape intact with no runoff. Need a place for all your guests to sit without pulling out all the chairs? Seating walls are a popular alternative to traditional seating. They often provide sturdy seating for several guests and instantly add to the appeal of your entire patio or hardscape.

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Popular Landscape & Hardscape Features

Add a little extra to your outdoor lawn & patio experience. For instance, a fire pit is the ideal centerpiece for any backyard social gathering. It instantly brings guests together and provides natural warmth and light, and, of course, is great for marshmallows. Other great ideas include water gardens, waterfalls, artistic rock, fountains and landscape improvements all designed to suit your personal taste. Ad a classic fountain or even a small spring designed to look and feel completely natural. Highlight your evenings by installing some outdoor lighting. Our lighting designs incorporate security and function with the aesthetic features in order to create truly spectacular original products.

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Dependable Long-Lasting Irrigation Systems

A professionally installed sprinkler system will provide water for your lawn or plants on a schedule. There are two types of watering systems, overhead sprinklers and drip irrigation. Traditional sprinklers are widely used for lawns, while drip lines work well for garden beds. If you are especially concerned with water usage a drip system is a good option.

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Year Round Lawn Cleanup & Maintenance

We tackle the difficult projects like protecting your yard from plant predators or deadening diseases. We clean up your yard and remove unwanted weeds and foliage. We keep careful records in order to get to know your lawn’s every need. Our routine maintenance programs keep each visit to your landscape brief and efficient which saves you time and money in the long run. We also make recommendations on florals and plant varieties that optimize your lawns appeal.

We also deliver and implement fresh mulch to your home or business. We mulch around trees, in flower beds and specific targeted areas. There are varieties of mulch color and texture to choose from.

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Protect Your Yard with Spray Applications

San Luis Obispo Landscaping Services imageIt is vital to choose a professional lawn & planter spray company that provides effective solutions to your unwanted lawn and bed growth in order to preserve the health and longevity of the attractive landscaping on your residential or commercial property. Dan’s Landscaping Company is pleased to offer comprehensive weed control services for your lawns and landscape gardens. We remove weeds and other unwanted plants while providing healthy nutrients for your existing grass, flowers and plants ensuring their vitality all year long.

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If you are looking for professional San Luis Obispo Landscaping Services then contact Dan’s Landscaping Company at 805-550-5488 or complete our online request form.

Landscaping Services in San Luis Obispo

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