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Rock Rain Garden in San Luis Obispo- Save Water in Style!

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Take a look at our latest landscaping project in San Luis Obispo. Our customer decided to create a rain garden where winter water is captured and allowed to soak back into the water table, instead of running off into the storm drain. This water friendly feature not only looks beautiful, it help our community retain its precious fresh water. With her drainage and rain garden installed, our dedicated San Luis Obispo Landscaping installation team went to work on prepping the area for synthetic lawn installation. Each unique area is defined by elegant stone work that adds interest, character, and value to the property. Low maintenance and drought tolerant plants were added in the front to the mature plants that had already settled into their home. This balance gives the yard a fresh new look while also providing a homely and established feel. Stone steps wrap around to meet the side yard to allow easy access to all parts of the landscape. Our customer was so grateful of a job well done she even contributed to a pizza party for the hard working team!

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