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Simple Farmhouse Welcome in San Luis Obispo, CA

With all new construction you start with a blank canvas… what you do to it is up to you and your imagination to get a landscape to fit your style. A recent project called for a simple farmhouse vibe and this landscape takes on a modern flare to complement the newly built home. The plantings of geraniums, lomandra grasses, and sage require low maintenance and water, while adding pops of natural color against the ‘Palomino’ rock mulch. The small boulder edging against the planter beds creates texture and helps to guide drivers to stay on the driveway. A Chinese Elm tree is planted in the south side of the landscape, and once mature, will create shade to help cool the house. Simple lines, colors, and plantings give the landscape it’s farmhouse elegance and pair well with the structure of the home. Welcoming all who enter!

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