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With the massive amounts of rain we have received this last winter, drainage has become an important issue that faces our customers. Recently a customer had reached out to us needing our urgent attention on a drainage issue for a rental property in San Luis Obispo. Water had saturated the ground and risen through the building wall into the ground level apartments. Our team was able to work with the customer to design a solution that involved Re-Grading the soil in the landscape to channel water away from the building, and updating existing sub-surface and french drainage systems to capture water and route it to a safe location. A properly designed drainage system can add value to your property, and eliminate a lot of hassles associated with water intrusion into your building. When you need to upgrade your drainage system, our crew has the equipment and knowledge to fix the issue AND leave behind a nicely relandscape space that is not only beautiful but FUNCTIONAL. While on site to help with drainage, were able to remake the side yard of this complex by upgrading a cracked retaining wall to an area of natural rock and vibrant greenery. A great fix for renters, owners, and property managers alike!

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